Writing Opportunities

Writing Opportunities: If you’re passionate about staying informed and love sharing news and content from around the world, AC 7 News is the platform for you. We believe in spreading diverse perspectives and meaningful information, and now, we’re extending the opportunity to you! Whether you’re an experienced writer or just getting started, we’re excited to have you contribute to our platform. Let’s explore how you can become part of our community.

Connecting Through Contribution

At AC 7 News, we take pride in being a hub for news and content that resonates with a global audience. To strengthen our commitment to sharing voices from various walks of life, we invite you to contribute to our platform. If you’re enthusiastic about making a difference through your words, we’re eager to provide you with a platform to shine.

The Path to Participation

1. Reach Out to Us

Getting started is as simple as sending us massage our live support or Contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to connect with you and guide you through the process.

2. Pitch Your Ideas

Share your thoughts on the topics you’re passionate about. Whether it’s the latest news, insights on business and finance, press releases, or product launches, your unique perspective is valued here.

3. Our Review Process

Once we receive your pitch, our team will review it to ensure that it aligns with our guidelines and resonates with our audience. We’re committed to maintaining the quality of content that our readers expect.

Guidelines for Contribution

At AC 7 News, we value quality and originality. To make the most out of your contribution, here are some guidelines to consider:

– Word Count Matters

Ensure that your submission is at least 500 words long. This helps us dive deep into the topics you cover and provide valuable insights to our readers.

– Uniqueness Is Key

We appreciate your originality. Submit content that hasn’t been published elsewhere. Plagiarized or duplicate content won’t be accepted.

– Commercial Content Note

While we encourage your contributions, it’s important to note that we don’t publish commercial content for free. If your submission falls under the commercial category, there might be a posting fee.

What We Look For

For your submission to stand out and increase the chances of acceptance, consider familiarizing yourself with the type of content we publish and the topics we cover. This will help you tailor your piece to our audience’s preferences.

Join Our Community

At AC 7 News, we’re thrilled about the prospect of collaborating with writers who share our passion for informative and engaging content. By becoming a contributor, you’re not just sharing words – you’re sharing experiences, insights, and stories that have the potential to impact a wide range of readers.


In a world where information flows freely, your voice deserves to be heard. AC 7 News is dedicated to amplifying your perspective and connecting you with a diverse audience. We eagerly anticipate your contributions and look forward to embarking on this journey of sharing knowledge and insights with the world.


1. How do I get started with contributing to AC 7 News?

To start contributing, simply reach out to us by live support. Our team will guide you through the process.

2. What types of posts does AC 7 News accept?

We accept a variety of posts, including latest news, business insights, finance updates, press releases, and product launches.

3. Is there a word count requirement for submissions?

Yes, we require submissions to be at least 500 words long to ensure in-depth coverage of the topics.

4. Can I submit content that has been published elsewhere?

No, we only accept original and unique content that hasn’t been published on other platforms.

5. Are there any fees associated with submitting commercial content?

Yes, for content considered commercial, there might be a posting fee. Please reach out to us for more details.