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Section 1: Definitions Define key terms used in the legislation, such as “press release website,” “publisher,” “content,” “editorial independence,” “accuracy,” and other relevant terms.

Section 2: Registration and Accreditation

  1. Establish a regulatory body responsible for overseeing press release websites.
  2. Mandate all press release websites to register with the regulatory body.
  3. Set criteria and standards for accreditation, including editorial independence, verification processes, and content quality.

Section 3: Editorial Integrity

  1. Require press release websites to clearly distinguish between press releases and independent editorial content.
  2. Prohibit press release websites from altering the content of press releases, except for formatting and minor corrections.
  3. Mandate disclosures if a press release includes payment or other incentives for publication.

Section 4: Verification and Fact-Checking

  1. Impose a responsibility on press release websites to verify the accuracy and authenticity of press releases before publication.
  2. Establish guidelines for fact-checking processes to prevent the dissemination of false or misleading information.

Section 5: Removal of Misleading Information

  1. Authorize the regulatory body to investigate and order the removal of press releases containing false, deceptive, or harmful information.
  2. Set clear procedures for the appeal process for website publishers affected by removal orders.

Section 6: Transparency and Disclosure

  1. Require press release websites to disclose their ownership, funding sources, and potential conflicts of interest prominently on their platforms.
  2. Mandate disclosure of any financial relationship between press release websites and the subjects of the press releases.

Section 7: User Complaints and Feedback Mechanism

  1. Establish a mechanism for users to report complaints about press releases and website practices.
  2. Oblige press release websites to respond to user complaints in a timely manner.

Section 8: Penalties and Enforcement

  1. Outline penalties for violations of this act, including fines, suspension, or revocation of accreditation.
  2. Allocate enforcement powers to the regulatory body.

Section 9: Promotion of Ethical Practices Encourage press release websites to adopt best practices for ensuring accuracy, fairness, and integrity in their operations.

Section 10: Review and Amendment Provide for periodic reviews of the act and the regulatory body’s performance, with provisions for amendments based on changing technological and societal landscapes.

Conclusion: This outline is a starting point for creating a comprehensive law to regulate press release websites. Crafting the actual legislation would require further legal expertise, consultations with stakeholders, and considerations of specific jurisdictional requirements.