The curse of Shakira? Gerard Pique has been trolled over his new partner, told his greatest rival is a better match for his ex and he’s even fallen off stage… as his businesses flop, the ‘Queen of Latin Music’ is having the last laugh after their split

  • Gerard Pique split from pop star Shakira last summer after 11 years of relationship
  • The former Barcelona defender has faced many struggles since the breakup
  • Inside Ange’s Spurs: Listen it’s all getting started How he changed the club

After 22 years at the top of her profession, garnering numerous awards, several number one hits and the title of ‘Queen of Latin Music’, there’s not much the Colombian singer lacks. Shakira is yet to achieve.

In the public eye over the past four decades, the 46-year-old has delivered iconic songs like Hips Don’t Liar, Beautiful Liar and Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).

Her time in the spotlight has also extended to her romantic life, with the singer dating former Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Pique for 11 years until they split in June 2022.

Shakira and Pique have two children, the former Barcelona favorite is now Clara Chia Martí.

However, since their split, things have not been normal for Pique, with the 36-year-old – widely regarded as one of the greatest defenders of all time – retiring from the game after slipping down the pecking order last year. At the Nou Camp.

Gerard Pique and Shakira had an 11-year relationship before splitting last summer
Shakira has repeatedly trolled her former partner over the past year, including launching a new ‘diss track’ about the former Barcelona defender.
Pique has since gone public with his new partner, 24-year-old Clara Chia

His business interests have also been affected, while he has been constantly trolled by his former partner.

It also includes a tune he developed that recently won Best Pop Song at the Latin Grammy Awards in Seville last week.

The song is titled ‘Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol.’ 53′ has been declared ‘distrack’ towards the pick.

It also took aim at his new 24-year-old lover Clara Chia, claiming that Pic had traded a Ferrari for a Twingo and a Rolex for a Casio, while the lyrics included ‘I’m too good for you – and that’s why you’re with me’ ‘Someone exactly like you.’

To add insult to injury, the award was given by Pique’s former Spanish team-mate Sergio Ramos, the pair formed a strong partnership as La Roja won the 2010 World Cup and 2012 Euro.

Ramos then posed with his arm around Shakira, after which the singer’s lawyer claimed that if she agreed to pay £6.4m, she would have fallen in love with the former Real Madrid star instead of Pique. Had she gone, she would have saved herself ‘more than £100 million’. One million fine to settle a tax fraud case in Spain.

After receiving the aforementioned award, Shakira – who moved from Barcelona to Miami following their split – thanked her fans for the support, while also taking a subtle dig at Pique in the process.

“I also want to share it (the awards) with my Spanish public,” she said.

‘You have been there for me through good and bad, tough moments.’

Pique also suffered an embarrassment last month when he fell into a pit near the stage during the launch of his King’s League America competition – a seven-a-side tournament founded by Pique.

Meanwhile, although King’s League found success during its launch in Spain, another entrepreneurial venture of Pick’s went bust.

In 2018, Pique offered the International Tennis Federation (ITF) $3 billion (£2.4 billion) over a 25-year period to take control of the Davis Cup – which is effectively the Tennis World Cup.

They implemented a new model that was unpopular among the tournament’s traditional fans, while many of its major sponsors also left.

Attendances were also low in the new format, with other big-name players not participating.

Kosmos, the company that Pick founded, later struggled to justify the investment, with reports claiming they lost millions of dollars on the 2019 event alone.

After Pique – who is a big fan of the sport and idolises Rafa Nadal – the deal fell through in January. Times reporting How is the former Barcelona star? In the midst of a legal battle with the ITF at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Given all of Pique’s misdeeds, fans are beginning to question whether Shakira cursed him.

Sergio Ramos – Pique’s former partner – posed with Shakira after winning the Grammy Award
The former Real Madrid captain presented her award to the Colombian popstar at the evening
Pique fell into the pit on a stage during the launch of his Kings League America competition
He retired from playing last year and has similarly seen his various business interests struggle

It came as fans speculated that the singer – who left Barcelona earlier this year to start a new life with her two children – had a history of curses.

For example, Spain performed poorly at the 2022 World Cup, losing to Morocco and exiting the tournament at the last-16 stage.

La Roja dominated the clash with 77 percent possession but found no way back before losing on penalties. Spain failed to earn a single spot kick, leading to an embarrassing exit.

After the conclusion of the tournament, Mahony Vidante, a renowned psychic, claimed that he was paid by the Colombian singer to perform a ‘ritual’ on Luis Enrique’s behalf.

‘What worked perfectly was Shakira’s curse, a curse that she put on the Spanish team,’ Vidante explained. marca magazine,

He further said, ‘Shakira, the rituals that you paid me for did things that they would not be able to perform well.’

Shakira dismissed these reports and suggestions by others that she had a new partner, and insisted that her focus was only on taking care of her family.

She said, ‘Out of respect for my children and the delicate time they are going through, I ask the media to stop speculating.’

‘I have no partner or anything except to devote myself entirely to my children and their welfare.’

Other reports of Shakira’s alleged curse also come from her former mother-in-law.

Reports claim that the singer Pique’s mother – who lived opposite the Montserrat Bernabeu – reportedly kept a witch-like effigy on the balcony of her home.

It turns out that her Barcelona home is across the street from her home at the Bernabeu – which was also mentioned in Shakira’s diss track.

The Bernabéu told reporters in Barcelona that Shakira was standing on the terrace with wild brown hair, dressed in black, a pointed hat and a doll placed on a broomstick – similar in design to a witch.

Reports in Spain also claimed that the Bernabeu had asked Shakira to remove the statue or turn it in the other direction, with fears that it was being used for other reasons, such as a curse on her.

A mental patient claimed he was paid by Shakira to perform a ‘ritual’ on Spain before the World Cup
Her former mother-in-law, Montserrat Bernabeu, claimed that Shakira had placed a witch-like effigy on the balcony of her Barcelona home, which was directly opposite Bernabeu’s home.

A local reporter from Barcelona said that the former mother-in-law was worried that the singer was doing something else with the doll.

Mark Lirado Millan said, ‘Weeks ago, I received some information that Pique’s mother was concerned about an alleged ritual performed on her by a black witch.’

‘(After basically ignoring the claims) I went to check if this information was true, and sure enough, there was a life-size black witch with a white beard.’

Given these reports about Pique’s mother and Spain’s poor performance at the World Cup last year, the question arises whether the former defender is the latest player to fall victim to Shakira’s alleged curse.

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