The Blue League Of The Continental Classic Begins

AEW Clash Results – November 25, 2023

This week’s episode of AEW Collision starts off with a quick promo featuring Eddie Kingston, Brodie King and Daniel Garcia promoting their Continental Classic matches.

Claudio Castagnoli defeated Daniel Garcia in a Continental Classic Blue League match

  • Claudio Castagnoli scored a decision victory over Daniel Garcia with a Ricola Bomb.

Eddie Kingston is backstage. Kingston joked that the initial promo wasn’t good enough and he’s here so he won’t be fined. Kingston says that the Continental Classic is so important to him that he placed both of his titles in this tournament.

Killswitch (Luchasaurus) defeated The Boyz in a handicap match

  • Killswitch hit a lariat on one of The Boyz to get the final victory.

The former Luchasaurus continued to attack The Boyz before being attacked from behind with a steel chair by Adam Copeland. Copland took the killswitch out of the concerto. Killswitch tries to get up, so Copeland hits him with a Curb Stomp on the chair, followed by another Concerto.

Adam Copeland challenges Christian Cage for the TNT Championship

Lexi Nairn caught Adam Copeland backstage. Copeland says everything that happened with Nick Wayne and Killswitch this week is on Christian Cage’s head. Copeland says it is because of Cage’s insecurities that people were going to compare them now that they were both in All Elite Wrestling.

Adam Copeland says he didn’t care; He just wanted to be with his best friend again. Copeland says that when Cage brought Beth and her kids into it, he made it personal and says he is now hunting Cage. Copeland says he is going to take Cage’s TNT Championship because it is the most important thing in his life. The Rated R Superstar challenged Cage to a TNT title match on December 6 at AEW Dynamite in Montreal.

House of Black (Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews) defeated Komander and Gravity

  • Buddy Matthews gave his team a decisive victory by hitting a stomp on Komander.

ACTION Andretti and Darius Martin are backstage. The two men discuss their last eight months together, but Darius says he is missing something. Dante Martin comes in and announces that he is back.

Julia Hart defeats Lady Frost to retain the AEW TBS Championship

  • Julia Hart locked Lady Frost in Heartless to win the match via submission.

Powerhouse Hobbs and Don Callis are backstage. Callis is still bragging about the fact that Hobbs eliminated Paul Wight on Dynamite a few weeks ago. Callis doesn’t understand how Omega and Jericho now have a title shot after only one match. Don Callis says Hobbs can single-handedly oust the Golden Jets.

FTR defeated The Righteous

  • FTR hits the Shatter Machine on Vincent. Dax Harwood secured a decisive victory for his team.

CM Punk reference on AEW Clash

Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews are in the crowd with microphones. Black says if they came to the ring now there would be no one to save them. Black namedrops Cesaro (Claudio), Yuta and CM Punk. Malakai says the misconception is that the Company is not the Brotherhood it thinks FTR is. The lights go out and come back on, but no one is seen. Black laughs as he goes into commercials.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and brings out AEW World Tag Team Champions Ricky Starks and Big Bill. Ricky Starks says he’s not surprised that The Mighty Vampire Chris Jericho has come back to haunt him after winning gold in AEW. Big Bill says that they are not the Golden Jets, but they are the Golden Girls.

Starks jokes that Bill doesn’t even know his birthday, but they’re still a better team than him. Bill says that when he was going through the lowest point of his life, he knew that he would reach the top again. Bill says they are going to embarrass Jericho and Omega.

A video package promoting the AEW Continental Classic and recaps what happened this week on Dynamite.

Keith Lee defeated Lee Moriarty

  • Keith Lee scored a decision victory over Lee Moriarty with the Big Bang Catastrophe.

Lexi Nairn interviews Keith Lee backstage. Lee says Moriarty is great, but he’s no Keith Lee. Lee says he is tired of being insulted and not getting the opportunities he deserves. So he’s going to take this instead. The Limitless One teases that he is targeting someone but does not reveal who.

Upset in AEW Continental Classic

Brodie King defeated Eddie Kingston in a Continental Classic Blue League match

  • Brodie King picked up a decision win by hitting Eddie Kingston with Dante’s Inferno.

King celebrated his victory as soon as AEW Collision went off the air.

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