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For Song Kang fans, there’s a lot to keep our eyes on this holiday, including the new season where he’s one of the major players. Home Sweet Home, But, if you’re not interested in scary monsters, blood, and all that noise, there’s the new supernatural romance drama my demonWhich promises intrigue, romance and family corporate power struggles inheritance, In my demon episode 1-2The audience is introduced to the cast of characters and shown the stakes for both chaebol heiresses, Do Doo-hee (Kim Yoo-jung), and the demon, Jang Gu-won (Geet Kang,

my demon episode 1 Starting with the meaning of the word ‘demon’ and how the role of the demon has changed over time. Once considered protectors, it is clear that the relationship between demons and humans has become even more sinister. We see this through the demon Jang Gu-won, whose name Gu-won means salvation. Ironic, no? We soon learn that he can easily walk into holy places without fear and how easily he preys on people’s fear. Ultimately, his fear leads to his inevitable soul-binding contracts.

We move forward to the present day where Jang Gu-won is still collecting souls. This is the only purpose of his life. But, as the audience and himself will discover, his life is about to change when he accidentally comes face to face with Doo Doo-hee, the CEO of Mirae F&B. Doo-hee is the presumed heir to Mirae Group, created and owned by her adoptive mother, Jae Cheon-suk (Kim Hae-suk). However, he has enemies everywhere who want to take the throne, creating an environment for him to lose trust in everyone in his life except Cheon-suk.

The wheels of fortune turn for both Doo-hee and Gu-won when a matchmaker’s mistake takes Doo-hee to the wrong restaurant for a blind date. The only one present is Gu-won. Putting two and two together, she assumes it’s a blind date. In this moment, we establish the personalities of both characters and the fact that both are similar in their stubbornness and arrogance. we learn in episode 2 However that Do-hee is also incredibly stressed. Both are used to being in control, which leads to differences of opinion in the first meeting.

In a deliciously edited sequence, when a group of thugs crash the “date”, we are able to get a more comedy-filled look at Gu-won’s abilities. This comedy is a glimpse of actor Song Kang who will be joining the series as well as a chance to showcase what all the demonic powers can do when coming face to face with the attackers. At the end of it all, Gu-won and Do-hee – now conveniently returned from the bathroom – part ways, neither expecting to see each other again. Alas, fate has other plans.

My demon - but why so?

After learning that one of her relatives is planning to ruin Mirae F&B, Doo-hee receives a mysterious call from Mirae Group’s accountant who tells her that he has the intelligence to help her without any problems. K Mirae will make her the head of the group. However, he is immediately chased away from there by a mysterious assailant shortly afterwards. Do-hee ends up trapped in a wild goose chase after encountering her relative waiting on the beach. Posing as a rideshare driver, when Do-hee realizes something is wrong, it’s too late. Blaming his kidnapping on his adoptive mother Cheon-suk, he thinks he has the upper hand until Doo-hee catches him.

At an unknown location, Gu-won senses someone is in a lot of trouble, which leads him to think they might make a good victim for a soul-binding contract. This leads him to encounter a desperate Do-hee, who agrees to whatever he wants. But, before they can sign anything, the mysterious killer (Kim Seol-jin) sneaks up on Gu-won so much that he is forced to take action. This leads to off-camera style violence, but it appears that Goo-won subdues the killer before trying to negotiate a deal with Doo-hee.

Unfortunately for them, the killer is completely alive and tries to run them off the road before the two fall into the ocean. Do-hee tries to swim away but her consciousness does not enable her to leave the unconscious Gu-won behind. Whatever happens, whether because of his selflessness or Gu-won’s powerlessness in this situation, the tattoo on his wrist that gives him his power is mysteriously transferred to him. This is the quest in the end my demon episode 1 Which sets the stakes for Gu-won in episode 2.

more than my demon episode 2 Focusing on Gu-won in many ways realizing how powerless he is without his tattoo. Several moments featuring actor Heo Jung-do with actor Song Kang playing the role of Gu-won’s secretary Park Bok-gyu add moments of lightness while also showcasing the lighter side of Kang’s acting. Generally, I associate him with more reserved roles, however his portrayal of Park Jae-eon still Highlights a more playful side. Either way, it’s nice to see this more comically silly side in his acting performance.

While Gu-won is figuring out his life, Do-hee eventually catches up with relative Noh Su-ahn (Lee Yoon-ji), Cheon-suk’s biological daughter and CEO of Mirae Apparel. Doo-hee offers him a deal to fix the situation surrounding his smear campaign or Doo-hee will release the blackmail material of Su-ahn’s affair to the public. Needless to say, Su-ahn rushes in to try to fix what she did but it results in even more friction between the two.

My Demon Episodes 1-2 - But Why Tho (3)My Demon Episodes 1-2 - But Why Tho (3)

Looks like the name of Doo-hee’s game is bad blood my demon episode 2, and it may all be connected to his adoptive mother, who has secrets of her own. In a flashback sequence we see Cheon-suk at the scene of Do-hee’s parents’ accident, which at least hints that she may have been involved. Perhaps that’s why this mysterious killer is now under question, who uses make-up to disguise himself between each murder. Whoever this boy really is, he is dangerous and he loves the taste of blood.

Ultimately, it becomes clear that the only way Gu-won is able to use his powers is if he is in direct proximity to Do-hee. The audience also gets a glimpse of this whenever he holds Doo-hee’s newly tattooed wrist. This creates an interesting dilemma, especially for Gu-won, who must capture a certain amount of souls or risk spontaneous combustion. This is likely to result in another comedy of errors going forward in My Demon, but it’s already proving to be hilarious so far.

my demon episode 2 End by establishing further stake. The murdered accountant is discovered, causing Do-hee to become a public distraction. Fast clips highlight each member of the Mirae Group family, including Mirae Investment’s presumably affable CEO, Joo Seok-hoon (Lee Sang-yi), who is focusing on the tie that Do-hee had earlier Had helped him. None of them appear to be trustworthy and all are potential suspects in the event of his current murder attempt. This is further complicated by an attempted acid attack by a cyclist, but Gu-won easily gets there in time. When the two of them face each other and are inexplicably bound together by fate, my demon episode 2 Ending with anticipation of what is to come.

my demon episode 1-2 easily builds the stakes, while also leaning into its comedic tone from the start. Actor Song Kang is firing on all cylinders with his mischievous take on this demon character, marking a slight change of pace from what audiences have come to expect from him. As far as mystery goes, there’s a lot to work with here. Until the story meanders through several different storylines, my demon Get a chance to tell a strong story.

my demon episode 1-2 Now available on Netflix, new episodes will air on Fridays and Saturdays.

my demon episode 1-2



my demon episode 1-2 easily builds the stakes, while also leaning into its comedic tone from the start.

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