Margot Robbie Seems to Squash Any Hope Of a ‘Barbie’ Sequel

margot robbie

Looks like the hopes of ‘Barbie 2’ have been dashed

We did everything🤷🏽‍♂️

margot robbie says there probably won’t be a ‘Barbie’ sequel – because he and the creative team put all their eggs in the OG basket… and there’s nothing more to say.

The actress recently had an interview and was asked if she could be seen wearing pink again… but from her response, she doesn’t have much hope that ‘Barbie 2’ will ever happen. Will also be screened in theatres. In the near future.

“Barbie 2”? Margot Robbie on whether her summer hit will get a sequel. He produced and starred in Greta Gerwig’s film, which grossed over $1.4 billion at the box office.

– AP Entertainment (@APEntertainment) 17 November 2023

MR says, “I think we put everything we had into it. We didn’t make it to be a trilogy or anything. Greta put everything into this film, so I can’t imagine that going forward What will happen.”

It’s interesting that Margot isn’t trying to fuel speculation of a sequel – which almost everyone assumed would be greenlit this year given how successful the first film was… i.e., a hit. is happening billion dollar box office, We’re sure WB themselves thought this would happen too.

While she’s pouring cold water on the idea of ​​another ‘Barbie’ movie – at least with her in a starring role – Margot praised the idea of ​​original IP films getting some love… in a world where Superhero movies are usually big moneymakers for studios.

Some may be disappointed to hear this potential news… but others are delighted for Margot and co. We’re not falling into the usual Hollywood playbook of making sequels.

We will say this… ‘Barbie’ definitely had a cultural “moment” this year, and we’re not sure anything like that is going to happen anytime soon – for better or for worse.

Next up for Margot… this new ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ spinoff that’s now in production. Her ‘Barbie’ costar, Ryan GoslingAlso attached to him – so they’ll meet again sooner rather than later.

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