Illinois man wins $25K

Illinois man wins $25K a year for life from lottery ticket after clerk’s lucky mistake

Because of an obvious innocent slip-up by a corner store representative, a 60-year-old Illinois man is almost $400,000 more extravagant.

Michigan Lottery authorities said Michael Sopejstal won $25,000 per year for life when a Fortunate for Life lottery ticket he purchased matched the five white balls drawn on Sept. 17: 11-15-17-24-48.

As per an official statement, Sopejstal made a trip to The Incomparable Lakes State from his old neighborhood and purchased the triumphant ticket at a GoLo corner store in New Bison, a town close to Lake Michigan around 70 miles from Chicago.

Michael Sopejstal, 60, won $25,000 for life when a Fortunate For Life lottery ticket he bought matched the five white balls drawn on Sept. 17, 2023, Michigan Lottery authorities said.
Like clockwork, Sopejstal said, he visits Michigan “to eat at his number one café.”

“I generally get a Fortunate for Life ticket for 10 or 20 draws while I’m here,” Sopejstal said during a new outing to the Michigan Lottery base camp.

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