‘I Have Never Lied’: Buffy Sainte-Marie Pushes Back On Probe Into Indigenous Ancestry

Singer and activist Buffy Sainte-Marie has again addressed allegations that she falsely claimed to be Indigenous, saying in a statement Thursday that “I have never lied about my identity.”

October first Investigation by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Extensive evidence has revealed that Sainte-Marie, who has long claimed she was born in Canada’s Piapot First Nation, fabricated accounts of her heritage during her six-decade career.

But the singer defended herself Message shared “I’ve always struggled with answering questions about who I am,” he told the media this week.

In the statement, which largely influenced earlier comments Following CBC’s initial reporting, she claimed that she “has always been honest” about her family background and added that “I don’t know where I’m from or who my birth parents are, and I never will.” I won’t be able to know.”

The CBC investigation included interviews with the estranged family, as well as a birth certificate indicating that Sainte-Marie was born Beverly Jean Santamaria in Massachusetts to parents Albert and Winifred Santamaria.

The Santamarias, whom Sainte-Marie had previously claimed were her adoptive parents, and baby Beverly’s race were listed as white on birth records.

In her statement, Sainte-Marie dismissed the discrepancies as an “attack” on her “character”, saying she had no knowledge of the Massachusetts birth certificate.

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Buffy Sainte-Marie performing in San Francisco in 2016. In a statement this week, the singer responded to a report that raised doubts about her claim of Native American ancestry.

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He also said that “It is common for Indian children to have their birth certificates ‘forged’ by Western governments after they are adopted or taken from their families.”

Sainte-Marie has repeatedly claimed that she was adopted by the Santamarías and had no knowledge of her birth parents except the fact that they had indigenous ancestry.

At the age of 20, he was adopted into a Cree family by Emil Piapot and Clara Starblanket Piapot. Piapot’s descendants defend their “Aunt Buffy” in October statementClaiming that she had lied, it was “sad, ignorant, colonial – and racist.”

“I know who I am and I know who I love and who loves me, and I know who claims me,” Sainte-Marie said in a video last month. “And to those who question my authenticity, I say with love: I know who I am.”

In this week’s statement, Sainte-Marie, who was previously recognized as the first Native American to win an Academy Award, said: “My Indigenous identity is rooted in a deep connection to a community that has had a profound role in my Shaping life and my work.

“Throughout my life, I have championed Indigenous and Native American issues when no one else would, or did not have the platform to do so.”

He said: “Being an ‘Indian’ has nothing to do with sperm tracking and colonial record keeping: it has to do with community, culture, knowledge, teachings, who claims you, who you love, who Who loves you, and who is your family.”

The statement comes after the documentary “Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On.” Won International Emmy Award in the arts programming category earlier this week.

Indigenous Women’s Collective, an advocacy group, alternative criticized A social media post shortly after said: “Documentaries are expected to present factual information. Emmy’s win tonight is a slap in the face to so many Indigenous people.

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