Drew McIntyre Reportedly Storms Out Of The Arena After WWE Survivor Series Main Event

The WWE Survivor Series finale led to some of the most chaotic news in recent memory, with the controversial return of CM Punk in front of a Chicago crowd, ending a nearly decade-long absence from the company. After an entertaining WarGames main event,

While many fans are very happy with Punk’s return, one person who was reportedly not in a good mood at the end of the night is Drew McIntyre. According to PWInsiderThe former world champion walked out of the ring and straight backstage after the main event before slamming his locker room door and promptly leaving Allstate Arena in a hoodie. Reports indicated that McIntyre’s frustration was loud and clear, leading to much conversation after the event, but there is no clear reason why he reacted that way, and his departure from the ring preceded Punk’s grand entrance. Happened.

Another performer involved in the WarGames bout who was clearly angry over Survivor Series being off the air was Seth Rollins, who was seen flipping Punk and being stopped by security in video captured by multiple fans, including Corey Graves and Michael Cole was the WWE commentary duo. On social media.

At this stage, it is not known whether or not Rollins was responding in the storyline, as the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion has expressed his feelings about Punk in public forums over the years.

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