A record number of people tuned in to watch this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving parade

Monkey D. Luffy (

Monkey D. Luffy (“D” stands for “deflated”)
picture, stephanie keith ,getty images,

The Thanksgiving holiday may not have been so good for theaters, but at least TV won this one — if you consider that a whole bunch of people tuned in to see a movie. Giant Luffy from a piece His hat is being destroyed by his cruel natureAnd Al Roker is interrupting live TV broadcasts to yell good burger At least wins are expected over Kenan Thompson and Klay Mitchell.

This is per heart, which reports that Thursday’s broadcast of the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade was the most-watched edition of the annual event ever, with 28.5 million people apparently tuning in to watch NBC’s broadcast of the event. Among other things, this makes the parade the most watched entertainment event of the year on linear TV. Not bad for the 97th iteration of this particular parade – especially since a good portion of the audience was in the 18-49 demographic, who we don’t typically think of as prime “judging by the types of balloons.”

However, in reality, this year’s parade had it all: political turmoil (sort of). Protesters protesting Israel’s treatment of Palestine managed to shut down the event for half an hour), plus an actual balloon disaster, as a a piece The balloon got punctured by a tree branch, causing Monkey D. Luffy’s famous straw hat to fall pretty Monkey D.-flat as it moved down the path. and most importantly, The bit where Al Roker— who was absent from last year’s parade for health reasons — the conversation was interrupted when Thompson and Mitchell walked away to their car. good burger-Mobile to enthrall them with your work’s songs and lines. (Roker is actually clearly in nice burger 2So this could be a bit of savvy cross-promotion… or an expression of Roker’s deep and genuine love good burger As a permanent work of American art.)

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