Tiffany Haddish Addresses New DUI Arrest in Audio of Laugh Factory Set


tiffany haddish

Stand-up addresses new DUIs in set

With ‘Prayers Answered’ Jokes

tiffany haddish She stood in front of the crowd to tell jokes less than a day after being arrested for DUI — and she got down to comedy when asked about it.

As we reported … TH was scheduled to perform at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach on Friday – this was after a set he did in LA the previous night, before being busted by Beverly Hills police the next morning – and TMZ obtained audio of part of that Long Beach show.

Hear how Tiffany responded when an audience member asked what happened “last night”… apparently referring to her being taken away in handcuffs Friday morning.

Tiffany didn’t actually face anything — including an alleged DUI — but she says her prayers for a man in uniform were definitely answered… something the crowd ate up. . In other words, she went ahead with it and turned the whole thing into a well-delivered punchline.

As we told you… Tiffany left her Long Beach event in the backseat of an SUV on Friday evening, and it looks like she had some friendly company With him. The interesting thing is that she was in jail the same morning after entering the jail and the case was registered.

Tiffany is alleged to have been found asleep while driving in Beau Hills – and police say they’ve got probable cause to take her down Suspected of DUI …and his arrest is on video.

Outside of this set, Tiffany has not spoken publicly about the DUI arrest.

By the way, if it seems like she came up with the “man in uniform” line too early, that’s because she deployed the same line shortly after the 2022 Georgia DUI… when she was a guest On the ‘Tonight Show’.

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