Cash Wheeler Arrested: A Shocking Incident Shakes the AEW Wrestling Community

In a surprising turn of events, the wrestling world was rocked by the news of the arrest of Daniel Wheeler, widely known as Cash Wheeler, one-half of the reigning AEW Tag Team champions FTR. The Orlando Sentinel has reported that Wheeler was taken into custody by the Orlando police on the morning of Friday, August 18. The arrest comes on the back of serious charges, casting a shadow over his wrestling career and raising concerns about the potential impact on his tag team’s upcoming match at Wembley Stadium.

Cash Wheeler Arrested:

Cash Wheeler

The Arrest and Legal Proceedings

Wheeler’s arrest stems from a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm, classified as a third-degree felony in the State of Florida. Records from Orange County indicate that a warrant had been filed on July 28, but Wheeler did not plead guilty until August 3 through his legal representative. A subsequent hearing has been scheduled for 1 pm ET today, putting Wheeler’s fate in the hands of the judicial system.

As of now, details regarding the specific incident leading to Wheeler’s arrest remain shrouded in mystery, leaving wrestling enthusiasts and fans speculating about the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event.

A Cloud of Uncertainty Looms Over AEW

Beyond the immediate legal implications, Wheeler’s arrest has raised concerns within the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) community. The tag team champion’s collaboration with Dax Harwood, his partner in FTR, is scheduled for a high-profile title defense against The Young Bucks at the upcoming All-In event on August 27. The venue, Wembley Stadium, is expected to draw one of the largest crowds in the history of professional wrestling.

The timing of Wheeler’s arrest couldn’t have been worse, as the tag team’s participation in this monumental match now hangs in the balance. AEW has released a statement acknowledging the situation and expressing its vigilance in monitoring its developments. The statement reads, “AEW has been made aware of the charge, and we are closely monitoring the situation. (Wheeler) is fully cooperating with local authorities.”

The Wrestling World Reacts

The news of Wheeler’s arrest has reverberated throughout the wrestling industry, sparking discussions and debates among fans and experts alike. The shockwaves are not only felt within the AEW community but also resonate across the broader wrestling landscape.

As fans grapple with this unexpected turn of events, questions arise about the potential consequences for Wheeler’s career, the status of his championship title, and the future of FTR as a tag team force.

A Glimpse into Daniel Wheeler’s Wrestling Journey

Daniel Wheeler’s journey in the world of professional wrestling has been marked by his tenure as Cash Wheeler, a vital component of the formidable tag team FTR. Alongside his partner Dax Harwood, Wheeler has showcased his prowess in the ring, winning the AEW tag-team championship and solidifying his reputation as a dynamic performer.


The wrestling world finds itself at a crossroads as it grapples with the news of Daniel Wheeler’s arrest. The uncertainty surrounding his legal proceedings and the potential impact on his wrestling career leaves fans with mixed emotions. As the situation unfolds, the AEW community awaits further updates and clings to the hope that the events leading to Wheeler’s arrest will be clarified, allowing both the wrestler and his fans to navigate these challenging times.


1. What is Daniel Wheeler’s wrestling persona? Daniel Wheeler is known by his ring name, Cash Wheeler, and is one-half of the AEW Tag Team champions FTR.

2. What charges does Daniel Wheeler face? Wheeler faces a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm, classified as a third-degree felony in Florida.

3. How has AEW responded to the situation? AEW has acknowledged the charge and is closely monitoring the situation while stating that Wheeler is cooperating with local authorities.

4. What impact could this arrest have on Wheeler’s upcoming match? Wheeler’s arrest has cast uncertainty over FTR’s scheduled title defense against The Young Bucks at Wembley Stadium.

5. When is the next hearing in Wheeler’s case? A hearing is scheduled for 1 pm ET today in the ongoing legal proceedings.

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