Navy Midshipmen College Football Preview 2023

The Navy Midshipmen are setting sail on a new journey under the guidance of their head coach, Brian Newberry. Following the retirement of Ken Niumatalolo after the 2022 season, Newberry steps into a pivotal role as the former defensive coordinator turned head coach. This transition marks the dawn of a fresh era for the Midshipmen, who are ready to redefine their path to victory.

Navy Midshipmen College Football Preview 2023

Embracing Change and Stepping Forward

The 2022 season brought forth challenges for the Navy Midshipmen, with a record of 4-8 overall and a conference standing of 4-4 in the American Athletic Conference (AAC). This marked a departure from the team’s tradition of seven consecutive winning seasons and bowl appearances. As Coach Newberry takes the helm, the Midshipmen are determined to regroup and strategize for a triumphant comeback.

Navy Midshipmen

A Triple-Option Offense Led by Tyger Goslin

At the core of the Midshipmen’s offensive strategy is their trademark triple-option offense, a potent and dynamic approach that aims to outmaneuver opponents. Spearheading this strategy is senior quarterback Tyger Goslin, a versatile player who proved his mettle in the previous season. Goslin’s remarkable performance included rushing for an impressive 1,024 yards and securing 12 touchdowns. In addition to his ground prowess, he showcased his passing skills with 684 yards and four touchdowns, demonstrating his all-around capabilities.

The Backbone of the Backfield

Goslin is supported by a robust backfield that boasts exceptional talent. Senior fullback Nelson Smith, a key contributor, notched an impressive 734 yards and scored nine touchdowns. Complementing the offense further are junior slotback Chance Warren and sophomore slotback Myles Fells. Their combined efforts added 412 yards and four touchdowns for Warren, and 303 yards and three touchdowns for Fells, respectively. This cohesive backfield ensures a diverse and multifaceted offensive approach.

Navy Midshipmen

Dominant Offensive Line Presence

A strong offensive line is vital for executing successful plays and protecting the quarterback. The Navy Midshipmen’s offensive line is anchored by two remarkable players: senior center Pierce Banbury and senior tackle Billy Honaker. Their exceptional skills and contributions were acknowledged with All-AAC honors in the previous season. Their presence ensures stability and protection, allowing the offensive strategy to unfold seamlessly.

A Resilient Defensive Force

Defense plays an equally significant role in the Midshipmen’s pursuit of victory. Senior linebacker Diego Fagot stands as a driving force in the defensive lineup. His remarkable achievements, including 112 tackles, 14.5 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks, and two interceptions, earned him the AAC Defensive Player of the Year title in 2022. Fagot’s prowess is complemented by senior safety Kevin Brennan and senior cornerback Michael McMorris, who contribute their own defensive expertise to the team.

Special Teams Excellence

The Midshipmen’s special teams showcase the talents of senior kicker Bijan Nichols and senior punter Daniel Davies. Nichols, known for his accuracy and consistency, made an impressive 13 out of 15 field goals and 32 out of 33 extra points during the 2022 season. Meanwhile, Davies exhibited his punting prowess with an average distance of 41.7 yards per punt. Their contributions add a critical dimension to the Midshipmen’s overall gameplay.

Navigating a Challenging Journey

Coach Brian Newberry’s strategy will be put to the test as the Midshipmen navigate a challenging schedule. Non-conference matchups against formidable opponents such as Notre Dame, Air Force, Army, and Marshall will provide the team with opportunities to prove their mettle. In the AAC, they’ll face tough contenders including Cincinnati, UCF, Houston, and SMU. The journey ahead promises intense competition and growth.

Predictions and Aspirations

The College Football Experience podcast predicts a promising season for the Midshipmen. With projections of a 6-6 overall record and a 4-4 standing in the AAC, the team is poised to make a triumphant return to the bowl games—a feat not achieved since 2019. The Midshipmen’s dedication, skill, and unwavering spirit under Coach Newberry’s leadership set the stage for a compelling season of college football.


1. Who is the new head coach of the Navy Midshipmen? Brian Newberry, the former defensive coordinator, has been promoted to head coach following Ken Niumatalolo’s retirement.

2. What is the Navy Midshipmen’s offensive strategy? The team employs a triple-option offense, led by senior quarterback Tyger Goslin, to outmaneuver opponents.

3. Who are the key players in the Midshipmen’s backfield? Senior fullback Nelson Smith, junior slotback Chance Warren, and sophomore slotback Myles Fells contribute to the Midshipmen’s offensive firepower.

4. Who anchors the Midshipmen’s offensive line? Senior center Pierce Banbury and senior tackle Billy Honaker provide stability and protection on the offensive line.

5. What are the College Football Experience podcast’s predictions for the Midshipmen’s season? The podcast predicts a 6-6 overall record and a 4-4 standing in the AAC, with the Midshipmen making a return to bowl games.

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