Watch Lorde Debut Two New Songs At U.K. Festival

Lorde, the acclaimed New Zealand artist, left fans electrified as she unveiled two captivating new songs on August 11th at the Boardmasters Festival in Cornwall, U.K. This marked her first foray into fresh music since the release of her 2021 album, Solar Power. The crowd was treated to a mesmerizing experience as Lorde introduced her latest creations, believed to be titled “Silver Moon” and “Invisible Ink,” although she clarified on Instagram that these names simply corresponded to demo files on her computer.

Lorde Debut

A Glimpse Into Lorde’s Musical Evolution

The first new song immediately caught the audience’s attention with its thought-provoking lyrics. Lorde sang, “When I met you, I’d never done Ecstasy / just a girl with a dream / remember back then, I still had wisdom teeth.” This poignant observation provided a glimpse into her personal journey and growth as an artist. Another captivating snippet resonated with listeners, “every night / the silver moon, it changes / can you say the same? / do you stay the same?” These lines invited introspection, prompting the audience to reflect on their own evolution over time.

“Invisible Ink”: A Mesmeric Journey

Lorde Debut

Lorde’s second new song took the audience on a mesmerizing journey. Before delving into the performance, she playfully instructed the crowd to “shut your eyes right now. It’s just you and me in the dark.” This created an intimate and immersive atmosphere, enhancing the connection between the artist and her fans. As the electro beat intertwined with shades reminiscent of the xx, Lorde’s voice soared through the air. She sang, “Friends of mine / we’re in the prime of our lives / I think it’s high time your self-preservation met my rising sun,” culminating with the empowering line, “Haters be hating.” The fusion of evocative lyrics and captivating melody left the crowd captivated and hungry for more.

Lorde’s Tease: A Glimmer of Light

Leading up to this monumental performance, Lorde had teased her fans through a rare Instagram post. In her own words, she shared, “these times are beautiful and they freak me out and there’s so much to tell you. No, this is not the start of anything out there, just want you to know there’s a light on inside me… show it to you soon.” This tantalizing glimpse into her creative process and inner thoughts added an air of anticipation and excitement to the performance.

European Tour Culmination

As Lorde’s summer European tour winds down, fans have been fortunate to witness her electrifying performances. The journey culminates with upcoming shows in Helsinki, Budapest, and Parades de Coura, Portugal, on August 19th. This tour has undoubtedly solidified Lorde’s status as a dynamic and influential artist, leaving an indelible mark on stages across the continent.


Lorde’s debut of “Silver Moon” and “Invisible Ink” at the Boardmasters Festival was a groundbreaking moment in her musical journey. The electrifying performances, thought-provoking lyrics, and intimate connections with the audience showcased her evolution as an artist. As the anticipation for her future musical endeavors grows, one thing remains certain: Lorde’s artistic light continues to shine brightly, illuminating the hearts of her devoted fans. Social


Q1: When were Lorde’s new songs debuted? A1: Lorde introduced her new songs at the Boardmasters Festival on August 11th.

Q2: What were the titles of the new songs? A2: The songs were tentatively titled “Silver Moon” and “Invisible Ink,” as per Lorde’s clarification on Instagram.

Q3: What was the theme of Lorde’s second song, “Invisible Ink”? A3: “Invisible Ink” explored themes of self-preservation, empowerment, and confronting negativity.

Q4: How did Lorde engage the audience during her performance? A4: Lorde created an intimate atmosphere by asking the audience to close their eyes, enhancing the connection between artist and listener.

Q5: Where does Lorde’s European tour conclude? A5: Lorde’s European tour culminates with performances in Parades de Coura, Portugal, on August 19th.

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