Miss Universe Indonesia contestants claim they were subjected to topless ‘body checks’

In a shocking turn of events, six finalists participating in this year’s Miss Universe Indonesia beauty pageant have come forward, alleging a series of distressing incidents involving intrusive “body checks” and topless photographs. These revelations have sent shockwaves through the pageant industry, raising crucial questions about the treatment of contestants and the responsibility of pageant organizers to ensure a safe and respectful environment.

A Disturbing Revelation

Addressing the media outside the regional police headquarters in Jakarta, Mellisa Anggraini, a lawyer representing the aggrieved contestants, made startling claims. According to Anggraini, her clients were coerced into removing their tops under the pretext of conducting “body checks” by pageant officials. The purported aim was to scrutinize for scars, cellulite, and tattoos. One contestant, referred to only as “N,” expressed her astonishment, asserting that such “body checks” were not included in the official event schedule. Despite her reservations, she complied with the demand and was subjected to a humiliating topless photography session, alongside four other women. The ordeal was deeply degrading and humiliating, echoing the sentiments expressed by the lawyer.

Inappropriate Poses and Disconcerting Circumstances

Adding to the distressing accounts, another unidentified contestant shared her experience at a press conference. Her face was obscured from the public eye, but her words reverberated with gravity. She recounted being asked to pose inappropriately, even being coerced into opening her legs. These revelations paint a disconcerting picture of the pageant environment and cast a shadow over its integrity. What’s more alarming is the presence of male officials during these intrusive episodes. The contestants’ allegations are further supported by the submission of additional evidence, including documents and videos, alongside the formal police complaints.

The Fallout and Ongoing Investigations

The alleged incidents transpired on August 1, a mere two days before the grand final of the Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 pageant. The police spokesperson, Yuliansyah, confirmed that formal complaints were lodged on Monday and investigations are currently underway. These complaints form the bedrock of the ongoing inquiry, which aims to shed light on the disturbing events that marred the pageant’s preparations. The authenticity of the claims and the accountability of the organizers remain central to this investigation.

Miss Universe Organization Responds

The allegations have reached the ears of the Miss Universe Organization, a global entity that oversees the renowned beauty pageant. In a statement provided to CNN, the organization acknowledged the seriousness of the accusations and affirmed its commitment to safeguarding the well-being of contestants. The statement emphasized that ensuring a secure space for women is of paramount importance to the Miss Universe Organization. The allegations have prompted the organization to initiate an internal review of the situation.

The Organizers’ Response

As the spotlight intensifies on the allegations, the local organizers of the Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 pageant are grappling with the fallout. Poppy Capella, the director of the Indonesian pageant, issued a statement via Instagram. In her message, Capella acknowledged the gravity of the situation and vowed to undertake a comprehensive investigation into the allegations. The organization’s stance on the matter and the truth behind the claims are expected to be elucidated through this thorough process. Social Contact


The shocking allegations made by six Miss Universe Indonesia finalists have thrust the pageant world into a realm of scrutiny and introspection. The contestants’ claims of being subjected to inappropriate “body checks” and topless photographs have exposed a distressing facet of the industry. As investigations unfold and the truth comes to light, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of ethical conduct and the protection of participants’ dignity in all spheres of public life.


1. How did the contestants’ allegations come to light? The allegations were brought to public attention during a press conference held outside the regional police headquarters in Jakarta.

2. What evidence supports the contestants’ claims? The complainants have submitted documents, videos, and formal police complaints to substantiate their allegations.

3. How has the Miss Universe Organization responded to the allegations? The Miss Universe Organization has acknowledged the seriousness of the accusations and has initiated an internal review of the matter.

4. What actions are the local organizers taking in response to the allegations? The Indonesian pageant’s director, Poppy Capella, has pledged a comprehensive investigation into the claims, aiming to ascertain the truth.

5. What was the timing of these alleged incidents? The incidents reportedly occurred on August 1, shortly before the grand final of the Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 pageant.


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