Ukraine’s Sea Drones Challenge Russian Navy in Black Sea

Ukraine’s Sea Drones Challenge Russian Navy in Black Sea. In an exclusive report, CNN has gained access to a groundbreaking weapon employed by Ukrainian forces in the Black Sea conflict. These sea drones, remotely controlled and highly effective, have dealt significant blows to the Russian Navy in recent engagements.

The sea drone, codenamed “Shark,” is the latest addition to Ukraine’s arsenal, and it has never been publicly showcased before. Armed with 300 kilograms (approximately 700 pounds) of explosives, it boasts an impressive range of 800 kilometers (500 miles) and can accurately target Russian ships.

Designed for multiple purposes, the drone can engage in attacks, surveillance, reconnaissance, and other operations. Created entirely by Ukrainian engineers, its developer requested anonymity for security reasons.

Russian defenses have proven ineffective against these sea drones. The existing ship equipment is designed to engage other vessels and cannot effectively target these agile and high-speed drones. Consequently, the drones have severely limited the Russian Navy’s movements in the Black Sea.

Last October, Ukrainian sea drones executed a daring attack on the Russian-occupied Crimea, specifically targeting the flagship, the Admiral McAroff.

Recently, the drones struck the Kerch Bridge, a crucial supply route from Russia to Crimea, inflicting significant damage. Russia retaliated by launching intense strikes on the seaside city of Odessa, where the drones were allegedly housed.

The Ukrainian military keeps the exact number of these sea drones classified, but it is evident that they are prioritizing their production and deployment as a potent tool against Russian aggression in the Black Sea.

Regarding the overall counteroffensive, progress is modest but encouraging for Ukraine. Forces on both sides are growing in number and pace, with Ukrainian troops claiming the capture of the town of Staromayorsk. The Ukrainian goal on the Southern Front is to split Russian forces in the region and reach the Sea of Azov, about 60 miles away.

However, amidst these developments, a missile strike on the fourth-largest city in Ukraine, Dniepro, has escalated tensions further. Ukrainian officials report that missiles hit a residential building and the Security Services building. Meanwhile, Russia accuses Ukraine of firing missiles into Southern Russia, resulting in injuries and damage.

The situation remains highly volatile, with both sides accusing each other of endangering civilian lives.

As Ukraine continues to bolster its sea drone program and expand its counteroffensive efforts, the world watches with concern as the Black Sea region remains a focal point of tension and conflict. Read more.

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