Uncertain Future: Hunter Biden’s Legal Battle and the Pardon Question

Uncertain Future: Hunter Biden’s Legal Battle and the Pardon Question. There is no possibility that the President would end up pardoning his son. I just said no, and I answered the question. Yesterday, the White House informed Mark Merrieth that Hunter Biden will not receive a pardon from his father, despite it being constitutional. However, the future of Hunter’s legal battle remains uncertain after his plea deal fell apart a couple of days ago in court. We have Andy McCarthy, former Assistant US Attorney, and Fox News contributor, as well as Brett Tollman, former federal prosecutor, with us today. Let’s conclude the discussion on the Hunter Biden pardon situation. Andy, the New York Post states that Joe won’t pardon his son, but it’s more like a vow in pencil, right?

Because minds can change. That’s a good way to put it, Bill. It’s not enforceable, to begin with. I’ll make the same point about this as I did about questions concerning pardoning Trump if he were to win or if a Republican were to win. As long as they take their time here, the tax counts Hunter is facing are about seven years at the maximum. All the other federal counts are five-year counts. If they remain in control of the Justice Department until January 2025, there might be nothing left to pardon. Brett agrees with Andy’s analysis, stating that the Justice Department has put itself in a box, and now they have to figure out what to do with this case. They probably never thought they would have to worry about the pardon due to the expected sweetheart deal. Facebook page.

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