Federal Judge Defers Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Amidst Investigation

During the hearing of Hunter Biden’s plea deal, a federal judge stated that she had to defer the deal upon learning that Hunter Biden was under federal investigation for allegedly working as an unregistered foreign agent. Both the prosecution and the defense took a recess during which they attempted to revise the deal’s specifications. They wanted to ensure that Hunter would face no charges specifically linked to tax, drug, or weapons violations, as opposed to granting him immunity from everything and anything. However, Judge Mariela Nureyika remained unconvinced, accusing both sides of trying to rush through the process without proper consideration. She granted them 30 days to resubmit their proposal, to which Hunter responded with a performant statement of not guilty. The next hearing is scheduled for August 25th. To shed more light on the matter, we are joined today by Constitutional Attorney and member of the Supreme Court Bar, Mark Smith.


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