Plea Deal for Hunter Biden Facing Uncertainty as Judge Raises Concerns over Ongoing Investigation

Plea Deal for Hunter Biden Facing Uncertainty as Judge Raises Concerns over Ongoing Investigation. Griff Jenkins is reporting live outside the courthouse with the latest updates. According to his confirmation, the plea deal is facing potential collapse. He has been on-site, and while the producer, Jake Gibson, is inside, they are unable to communicate electronically due to restrictions. The courtroom has been in recess for over an hour and a half, and the major issue causing the delay is Judge Noryaka’s concern about linking the guilty plea to tax misdemeanors with avoiding charges on the gun felony.

The most significant development during the court session was when Judge Noryaka asked the prosecution if there is an ongoing separate investigation into Hunter Biden. The prosecutor confirmed that such an investigation exists, which has become a critical factor in the judge’s decision-making. She is not comfortable accepting the plea deal because it could grant Hunter immunity to future charges, which is something she disagrees with.

The defense has requested more time to address these issues, and the judge granted the recess. Currently, the fate of the plea deal remains uncertain, with Judge Noryaka not ready to approve it. It’s important to note that the specifics of the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden have not been disclosed by the prosecution.

Griff Jenkins’ reporting has been thorough and careful, considering the sensitive legal nature of the case. Harris acknowledged the challenges of reporting without technology access and praised Jenkins for obtaining confirmed information on record.

Andy McCarthy, a former Assistant US Attorney, and Fox News contributor, commented on the situation, stating that the plea deal seemed politically motivated and lacked a credible basis for giving away concessions to someone under a serious investigation.

Phil Hallaway, a former assistant DA and criminal defense attorney, discussed the potential reasons behind the prosecutor’s decision to keep the plea deal open while the investigation is ongoing. He suggested that both sides might be manipulating the system to create a double jeopardy bar against future prosecutions.

As the court remains in recess, the defense may be considering negotiating a sentencing enhancement to satisfy the judge’s concerns. However, Judge Noryaka will only accept a revised deal when presented and will not disclose her decisions in advance. Hunter Biden Facing

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